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Lead Advisor

Provide End-to-End Marketing Automation Software and Lead-Advisor
is a Wealth Management Collective with a specialty in building firms,
practices and careers through talent acquisition and leadership development.

Get higher sales productivity from all your teams

Marketing Automation

Streamline and automate marketing and sales processes to improve the overall business efficiency. Achieve massive growth and save hours every day.

CRM & Sales Automation

Stay organized and store contacts using our free CRM. Automate routine sales processes and save time using advanced sales automation.

Service Automation

Free customer service software for ticket routing,sales processes service automation, ticketing automation, Live Chat, and so much more.

Journey Of Lead Advisor

Visualize the Sketch Of Lead Generation


Hyper-manage operations with rich analytics


With Lead Advisor

Salespeople sail smoothly through each day and get more done in less time.

Salespeople can work smarter, spending more time with the right prospects.

Reduce turnaround times and empower your salespeople connect prospects faster.

Enable smooth self-serve and assisted customer and partner the onboarding journeys.

Sales and marketing managers can optimize processes without touching a single line of code.

Without Lead Advisor

Salespeople are less productive because they are unsure what to do next.

Salespeople struggle to score leads and pursue best-fit prospects.

Higher turnaround times decrease engagement and threaten sales.

Disconnected digital customer onboarding processes cause high drop-off rates.

Managers are stuck with ineffective processes unless processes IT can come to their rescue.

Our Clients


Pawas Goyal
Founder of MyFundBucket

“Thank you everyone who formulated our advice. It’s so comprehensive, it just reaffirms our complete faith in you. Thanks again for everything. It’s always a pleasure.”

Rajesh Chandran
Sales Head

“Cylsys and her team deliver truly professional financial planning services – I’d happily recommend her to anyone wanting a holistic personalised service.”

Megha Parmar
Marketing Specialist

"With Cylsys Software Solution Pvt.Ltd., we can compete with the biggest players in the market while continuing to provide a head-turning customer experience."


Lead Advisors is your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your people are your most important asset to growth.

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